Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye to a visionary

No look for today, but I had to talk about this. This morning I got a shock opening Safari to discover Steve Jobs has passed away. While he had been battling cancer for some time (a subject very near and dear to my heart), I had always assumed he would pull through. As unfortunate as his passing is, and my every sympathy goes out to his friends, colleagues, family and admirers, I will remember him obviously for his creative genius, but also for this stunning speech , which I implore you all to watch, you will learn a lot. Today we lost a great mind, and a great heart.


With love, M x.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Today I woke up in 1953...

Hello lovely creatures!

I wish my first 'real' post could be long and thoughtful, but (for those of you who are familiar with interior design courses and/or the Australian university academic calendar) I am head-over-heels busy until the end of October, trying not to fail this semester.

Enjoy a little spin on all things retro (complete with pastel guitar I barely use, unfortunately), let me know what you think! Like? Dislike? Alternatively, hype me on lookbook and make me feel loved, as I do you!

With love, (and until late October),