Saturday, 24 November 2012

Take 2

So my house was broken in to and I've had no camera. Until now. Stay tuned x

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Aren't holidays just the most wonderful thing? It feels like I've only just finished my first year of uni, I am not at all ready to go back - and yet - with February looming ever closer, it is a very near reality. In typical fashion, I feel like I've forgotten most of what I'm supposed to remember for year two. It's going to be fun trying to jog my memory.

In procrastination, I have been dreaming of getting myself some of the gorgeous swimwear from Versace from H&M spring collection (though it's the middle of Summer here). Those mid rise waists look wonderful to me. What do you think of the collection? Much better than last season, no? I invite you all to have a look.

Click the link to be taken to Versace for h&m :)

I must also apologize for not being very good with posting all the looks I wanted to on the holidays, I have so much to show you (I got a summer job in fashion and its made an addiction worse). Keep an eye out ;)

With love,
Malo x

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye to a visionary

No look for today, but I had to talk about this. This morning I got a shock opening Safari to discover Steve Jobs has passed away. While he had been battling cancer for some time (a subject very near and dear to my heart), I had always assumed he would pull through. As unfortunate as his passing is, and my every sympathy goes out to his friends, colleagues, family and admirers, I will remember him obviously for his creative genius, but also for this stunning speech , which I implore you all to watch, you will learn a lot. Today we lost a great mind, and a great heart.


With love, M x.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Today I woke up in 1953...

Hello lovely creatures!

I wish my first 'real' post could be long and thoughtful, but (for those of you who are familiar with interior design courses and/or the Australian university academic calendar) I am head-over-heels busy until the end of October, trying not to fail this semester.

Enjoy a little spin on all things retro (complete with pastel guitar I barely use, unfortunately), let me know what you think! Like? Dislike? Alternatively, hype me on lookbook and make me feel loved, as I do you!

With love, (and until late October),

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Well, hello, hi.

Welcome to Studio Malo. A little piece of clean in a far too dirty world.

The concept behind Studio Malo is to document my journey through fashion. I hope to reach as many people as possible, not really for the purpose of being 'well known' so much as showing people out there that fashion is so easy to 'get'. I know this as, for so much of my life, fashion seemed a completely unattainable goal - you needed money, looks and networks. While I guess that might still be true for high society, there is a new vibe in fashion that makes it more democratic, much more accessible to the masses, to people like us.

While I will draw on haute couture and famous designers occasionally, this blog aims to explore all corners of fashion, whilst retaining it's heart, soul, and hopefully providing inspiration to you all out there. While I am a far too busy uni student I intend on blogging here as much as possible, and as such, your feedback and contact is more than welcome, I hope that you enjoy Studio Malo.

With love, M.

Little footsteps entering the big world of fashion blogging.