Sunday, 10 July 2011


Well, hello, hi.

Welcome to Studio Malo. A little piece of clean in a far too dirty world.

The concept behind Studio Malo is to document my journey through fashion. I hope to reach as many people as possible, not really for the purpose of being 'well known' so much as showing people out there that fashion is so easy to 'get'. I know this as, for so much of my life, fashion seemed a completely unattainable goal - you needed money, looks and networks. While I guess that might still be true for high society, there is a new vibe in fashion that makes it more democratic, much more accessible to the masses, to people like us.

While I will draw on haute couture and famous designers occasionally, this blog aims to explore all corners of fashion, whilst retaining it's heart, soul, and hopefully providing inspiration to you all out there. While I am a far too busy uni student I intend on blogging here as much as possible, and as such, your feedback and contact is more than welcome, I hope that you enjoy Studio Malo.

With love, M.

Little footsteps entering the big world of fashion blogging.