Saturday, 24 November 2012

Take 2

So my house was broken in to and I've had no camera. Until now. Stay tuned x

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Aren't holidays just the most wonderful thing? It feels like I've only just finished my first year of uni, I am not at all ready to go back - and yet - with February looming ever closer, it is a very near reality. In typical fashion, I feel like I've forgotten most of what I'm supposed to remember for year two. It's going to be fun trying to jog my memory.

In procrastination, I have been dreaming of getting myself some of the gorgeous swimwear from Versace from H&M spring collection (though it's the middle of Summer here). Those mid rise waists look wonderful to me. What do you think of the collection? Much better than last season, no? I invite you all to have a look.

Click the link to be taken to Versace for h&m :)

I must also apologize for not being very good with posting all the looks I wanted to on the holidays, I have so much to show you (I got a summer job in fashion and its made an addiction worse). Keep an eye out ;)

With love,
Malo x